Shanon Li


Chief Dentist




Dental Clinic




Dr. Li received her Doctor of Dental Surgery from the University of Iowa, College of Dentistry honors program in 2003.  Dr. Li completed her clinical rotation in the pediatric dental clinic in St. Luke’s Hospital in Iowa and the special needs dental clinic at the University of Iowa Dental School. She obtained her dental license in the State of Iowa and opened her own dental office in Iowa to practice dentistry.

Dr. Li moved to Qingdao with her family in 2007.  Before joining Qingdao United Family Hospital, Dr. Li served in the Qingdao Municipal Hospital for 10 years as an expert in the international clinic providing dental services to international and VIP patients. Her practice scope includes gum disease, fillings, root canal, extractions, crowns, bridges, esthetic dentistry, dental implant surgery and restoration, pediatric dentistry, and dental care for elderly patients.

Dr. Li also participated in medical and dental research while she was in the honors program in dental school. In addition to her clinical work, Dr. Li is published in prominent medical and dental journals, including Neuroscience, Brain Research, and the Journal of Dental Research.

Dr. Li is a licensed dentist with the Iowa Dental Board in the United States and the Qingdao Health Bureau in China.

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