Gaoxiang ZHANG










Dr. Zhang Gaoxiang graduated from the Second Military Medical University with his medical degree in 1984. Dr. Zhang underwent elective training in the surgery departments of the Navy General Hospital and Qilu Hospital Surgery.

Dr. Zhang is proficient in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases requiring surgery, the systematic study of perioperative surgical treatment, and operative and postoperative complications, such as early detection and prevention.

Prior to joining Qingdao United Family Hospital, Dr. Zhang worked in the People’s Liberation Army 409 Hospital, an affiliate of Qingdao University, and as a Global Doctor.

Dr. Zhang has over 30 years experience in general surgery. He is skilled in the treatment of common disease, familiar with difficult, complex etiology, able to complete differential diagnosis, and perform surgeries both routine and complicated.
In addition to his clinical work, Dr. Zhang has published more than 20 papers in professional medical journals and national core journals, and won several awards. Dr. Zhang has participated in conferences and academic exchanges and performed a great deal of research work related to his field. Dr. Zhang has been involved in several studies and research projects.

Dr. Zhang’s research also includes stem cells and immune cell therapy aspects. While a Global Doctor, Dr.Zhang received emergency surgery surgical trauma training and has extensive experience in emergency and trauma medicine. He is also well-versed in (Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates) ECFMG certification.

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