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Dr. Ma graduated from Shandong University School of Medicine   where he earned his medical degree and a PhD in Reproductive Medicine specializing in male fertility. Dr. Ma has years of experience working to assist families with reproductive disorders and infertility issues, especially male infertility issues, primarily at the Shandong University Affiliated Hospital for Reproductive Medicine (SDUIVF).

Dr. Ma specializes in treating patients with male fertility issues such as reduced sperm count, low motility, and complete aspermia. He is a member of the Male Reproduction of Andriatrics Forum of the Chinese Medical Doctor Association (CMDA). He is also on the Foundational Research Team for Urinary Surgery under the Shandong Medical Doctor Association, and is a Steering Committee member for the Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Forum of the Shandong Society of Andrology.

Dr. Ma has authored numerous academic articles published widely in medical journals both in China and abroad, including highly regarded articles on male fertility after spinal cord injury in global journals such as the Science Citation Index (SCI). Dr. Ma speaks primarily Mandarin.

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