Family Medicine (Primary Care)

The Department of Family Medicine at Qingdao United Family Hospital can handle all of your family’s medical needs. Our international team of healthcare professionals is dedicated to keeping you healthy and addressing any health problems you may have. We are unique in that our department is a convenient one-stop health service for individuals and families.

Our department consists of Family Medicine doctors (also called General Practitioners or GPs) as well as general internists. Family doctors can treat patients of any age, from babies to elderly patients. General internists focus on adult medicine, caring for patients in their teens through old age. Additionally, our doctors are capable of managing commonly encountered illnesses of every organ system.

In order to serve our patients better, QDU assigns every patient to one of our team members. This team member can be any doctor in our department, whether a family doctor or a general internist. Your doctor serves as your personal health consultant. If you feel healthy, your doctor can help you maintain your health and prevent disease. If you do not feel well, your doctor can work with you to evaluate and treat undiagnosed symptoms or health concerns. If, at any point, you need more specialized care, your doctor will contact a trustworthy expert. Your doctor can also help you manage chronic health problems, working alongside specialists when appropriate.

No matter what your healthcare needs may be, the qualified doctors in our Department of Family Medicine will ensure that you receive high-quality, comprehensive, continuous and coordinated care. In addition, many of our physicians speak multiple languages.

Preventive care is a cornerstone of Family Medicine. Our department provides a number of exceptional preventive care programs designed to keep the entire family in excellent health and to avoid the development of serious health issues. Our preventive care programs include men’s health, women’s health, travel medicine and immunizations. We also offer pre-employment physicals, immigration health check-ups, pre-school check-ups, and ayi/housekeeper health check-ups.