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International Tele-consultation of United Family Healthcare

International Tele-consultation Platform was established in May 2020, created in Qingdao united family hospital. It is our original intention to bring..

UFH 25 Anniversary Video —— Dr. Rujin ZHANG

Chair of Anesthesiology & Surgery | Qingdao —— Dr. Rujin ZHANGThe new mother highly recognized the exceptional skills in epidural of Dr. Zhang..

UFH 25 Anniversary Video —— Dr. Xiuying WANG

Chair of Pediatrics | Qingdao —— Dr. Xiuying WANGOur internet hospital allows our vulnerable patients to reach us in the farthest corners world.

UFH 25 Anniversary Video —— Dr. Masoud AFNAN

Chair of OB/GYN | Qingdao —— Dr. Masoud AFNAN To be able to help a couple conceive after eight failed attempts brings me hope and inspiration.

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