Qingdao United Family Hospital (QDU) Partners to Launch Unprecedented Fertility Service in Shandong

QDU Hooks Up with Shandong University Affiliated Hospital for Reproductive Medicine (SDUIVF) To Offer Renowned Experts and High-Quality Service All in One Place

October 16, 2016; Qingdao, Shandong, China–Qingdao United Family Hospital (QDU) and Shandong University Affiliated Hospital for Reproductive Medicine (SDUIVF) today announced the establishment and launch of the jointly created United Family Healthcare Reproductive Medicine Center. Couples with fertility issues seeking the latest in international reproductive medicine practices can now come to Qingdao United Family Hospital to enjoy personalized services by renowned experts from United Family Healthcare (UFH) and Shandong University Affiliated Hospital for Reproductive Medicine Shandong.


Male and female infertility rates are increasing in China, with the rate of infertile women of child-bearing age growing rapidly. The average China infertility rate ranges between 12.5% to 15% for couples, which means one couple in every eight may experience infertility, making for a total population of more than 50 million dealing with infertility-related issues. These individuals are underserved in China as quality resources for treatment are lacking. Through 2012, statistics show that there were 356 medical institutions capable to assist these individuals with reproductive medicine treatment, but in Shandong there were only 26 facilities listed in official records as able to meet the needs of patients experiencing infertility issues, which is well below the total amount needed.

The United Family Healthcare Reproductive Medicine Center in Qingdao takes a unique approach to helping those in need by bridging renowned local expertise with the latest international practices. Through the combined efforts of Qingdao United Family Hospital (QDU) and Shandong University Affiliated Hospital for Reproductive Medicine (SDUIVF), patients in Qingdao can now easily access some of the most respected levels of service and expertise in the province, all in one place

Shandong University Affiliated Hospital for Reproductive Medicine was among the first institutions nationally approved by China’s State Council to graduate students with master’s degrees and doctorates in reproductive medicine, and a favorite place for those students to conduct their post-graduate practice.  SDUIVF also boasts one of the most renowned reproductive medicine laboratories in Shandong Province. Additionally, China’s Ministry of Education has established a national level IVF research center at the Hospital, with a high-level  reproductive endocrinology medicine laboratory. Qingdao United Family Hospital (QDU) is the Shandong Province’s first majority foreign-invested and managed comprehensive medical institution, with an international medical team and advanced services. This combination of leading experts with high-quality international services brings tremendous advantages and a whole new hopeful outlook for families dealing with infertility.

It was also announced today that the Laoshan District Government will extend their IVF Support Program to the UFH Reproductive Medicine Center, to financially assist qualified families, especially older couples with only one child, to realize their fertility dreams. Under Laoshan District’s reproductive plan, couples successfully achieving artificial reproduction at the Affiliated Hospital of Qingdao University, the Women and Children’s Hospital of Qingdao, and now at Qingdao United Family Hospital, will be eligible to apply for a special government subsidy to defray the costs of their care. To date, a total of RMB 115,200 in special subsidies has been provided to families in Laoshan District through this program.


After the announcement and celebration ceremony in Qingdao today, a medical conference was jointly hosted by the Shandong University Affiliated Hospital for Reproductive Medicine, QDU, the Health and Family Planning Commission of Laoshan District in Qingdao, and Dazhong Daily Newspaper.

At the event, QDU Chief Medical Officer Dr. Masoud Afnan, along with 6 other renowned fertility specialists including Drs. Shen Yan and Tang Rong, updated attendees regarding the latest developments in the field of reproductive medicine and other related areas.


Additional topics mentioned by presenters at the event included: Pregnancy Preparation Strategies for Elderly Women; A Comparison between English and Chinese Generational Policies; and Minimally Invasive Infertility Surgery. The medial conference helped to improve the overall knowledge surrounding reproductive endocrinology for medical specialists in Shandong Province, including numerous leading obstetricians, gynecologists and experts in the field. The event also helped to drive forward the development of reproductive  medicine for everyone in Shandong and throughout China.

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