Qingdao United Family Hospital Launches Advanced Aesthetic Laser Center

November 3, 2016 – Qingdao, Shandong, China – Qingdao United Family Hospital (QDU) today officially launched an Aesthetic Laser Center in its Department of Dermatology, offering the latest in advanced international skin repair techniques for the people of Qingdao. United Family Healthcare Chief Executive Officer, Ms. Roberta Lipson, officially launched the Center together with Fosun Pharma Vice President, Mr. Wang Yao, at a formal opening ceremony at the hospital. Also in attendance were QDU General Manager, Mr. Wang Ao, Fosun Pharma Senior Director Mr. An Haitao, and two experienced clinical specialists that will oversee the Center, Dr. Liu Fengyan and Dr. Cheng Mingyu..

The Aesthetic Laser Center at Qingdao United Family Hospital is the first of its kind in Qingdao, utilizing Syneron Candela laser skin treatment technology imported from the United States, Alma laser technology imported from Israel, and a range of the latest equipment used worldwide.  The center has been designated as a clinical training base for the use of Alma lasers in China.  QDU’s Aesthetic Laser Center follows scientifically proven methodologies to diagnose, treat, and professionally rejuvenate skin through some of the most sophisticated laser techniques in the world. The Center’s safe, reliable practices utilize advanced laser technology, intense pulsed light (IPL) treatments, and radio frequency skin tightening, among other pioneering methods, to help patients look their best. The Center’s specialists can repair skin in private areas, treat facial aging, and help patients achieve the true beauty they seek through comprehensive assessments and solutions.

Overseeing the Aesthetic Laser Center at Qingdao United Family Hospital is Dr. Chen Mingyu, who graduated from Southern Medical University, formerly known as First Military Medical University, receiving his medical degree, master’s and doctorate from the leading institution in Guangzhou. Before joining Qingdao United Family Hospital, Dr. Chen worked in Jinan Military General Hospital, excelling in the treatment of autoimmune dermatosis and aesthetic laser treatments. While there, he gained rich experience in using laser and other advanced techniques in helping patients with pigmented and vascular dermatosis, hair removal, and facial anti-aging, among other sophisticated treatments.

In 2010, Dr. Chen participated in China’s United Nations peacekeeping mission to medically assist those in need in Sudan, receiving a medal by the UN for his participation. He is a Dermatology Committee member of the  Shandong Medical Doctor Association, a member of the Dermatology Forum of the Shandong Allergy Organization, and has also served on the Dermatology Committee of the Jinan Military Dermatology Association. Dr. Chen speaks primarily Mandarin.即日起,青岛和睦家医院将提供皮肤激光诊疗中心的服务项目,包括:

The Aesthetic Laser Center at QDU offers patients:

  • Advanced Skin Treatments For: Pigmentation, stains, acne, scarring and freckles
  • Facial Anti-aging Treatment: Whitening, Rejuvenation, firming & tightening, facial-lifts and hair-removal
  • Postpartum Recovery Care: Postpartum skin recovery, vaginal skin tissue maintenance and treatment of urinary incontinence (UI)
  • Cosmetic Procedures: Laser cosmetic treatment, facials, and light chemical peels

For further inquiries, please call (0532) 8163 3005.

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