The Department of Anesthesiology at Qingdao United Family Hospital offers the full range of anesthesiology services to help all patients manage their pain, providing regional or general anesthesia, nerve block and sedation for therapeutic, diagnostic and surgical procedures. Our goal is to monitor the physical and emotional conditions of each of our patients.

Anesthesiology Services

Anesthesiology services include the following:

  • Surgeries and operations, including general or regional anesthesia, sedation, and nerve blocks. Anesthesiology supports multiple departments in our hospital whenever pain management is needed for medical procedures.
  • Post-operation pain management, self-controlled pain management, such as PCA pump.
  • Pregnancy and obstetrics-related pain management, such as epidural with or without PCA pump.
  • Sedation for endoscopy, including EGD, colonoscopy, ERCP, EUS, ESD, and more.
  • Sedation for outpatient dental treatments.
  • Sedation for bronchoscopy.
  • Sedation for CT or MRI scans for children or patients with mild to severe claustrophobia.
  • Acute onset pain management for chronic pain, such as chronic pancreatic pain and cancer pain.
  • Pre-operation anesthesia counseling if needed.
  • Hospital-wide anesthesia, surgery, and pain consultation.
  • Spinal puncture for Cerebral Spinal Fluid (CSF) drainage if needed.
  • Central venous line build-up outside of the operating room.
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